Press release: Cft: “Prioritize adoption of budget 2024”

Since 2010, there has not been a single year in which Sint Maarten has managed to timely adopt its budget. This year, the situation is no different, which means there is no framework in place for incurring expenses and making investments. Therefore,...
Sint Maarten

Advice: Advies bij de vastgestelde begroting 2024 Aruba

Op 9 januari 2024 ontving het College Aruba financieel toezicht (CAft) de vastgestelde begroting 2024 (begroting) van Aruba. Hierbij ontvangt u het advies van het CAft bij de begroting. In bijlage 1 vindt u een nadere uitleg en cijfermatige...

Advice: 20240122 Importance of adopted budget 2024

The Kingdom Act on Financial Supervision Curaçao and Sint Maarten (Rijkswet financieel toezicht Curaçao en Sint Maarten – Rft) prescribes that prior to December 15 of the new budgetary year, Sint Maarten must submit the adopted budget to the...
Sint Maarten

Advice: 20231130 Advice pertaining to the adopted budget 2021

On November 17, 2023, the Board of financial supervision of Curacao and Sint Maarten (Cft) received Sint Maarten’s adopted annual accounts for 2021. With this letter you receive the Cft’s advice pertaining to these annual accounts. In Annex 1 to...
Sint Maarten

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